Les start-up DATA de Vivatech 2019

Entre 9 et 10 000 start-ups sont attendues sur Vivatech 2019… Compliqué de s’y retrouver ! Nous vous avons donc concocté une liste de start-up data qui seront présentes. Nous nous sommes basés sur les categories proposées par Vivatech dans sa Start-Up Big List, et chaque fois que l’une d’entre elle nous a parue intéressante, nous l’avons mis dans notre liste.

Cette liste n’est bien sûr pas exhaustive. Mais elle vous permettra peut être de faire de belles découvertes si la recherche d’une solution pour une meilleure utilisation/collecte de vos données fait partie de vos objectifs Vivatech 2019 !

❤️ Coup de coeur

📊 Business Intelligence / Data viz

🚙 Mobility

💬Conversationnel, NLP

🚜 Agritech

🍽 Food

🌱 GreenTech

👨🏻‍⚕️ HealthTech

👜🏃‍♀️✈️💄🍻etc.. quelques surprises !

Hall 1 - J08-001 // AFTERDATA

AfterData offers a proprietary, turnkey machine learning solution specifically designed for department managers: customer behaviour: churn, upselling, scoring; failure prevention ; fraud detection and sales forecasting: business volume optimisation...


Agricommunity allows farmers to spend less money on procuring their crops. Using their smartphone, farmers are automatically informed of the health status of plots near their farm. Community application.

D09-003 // ALLO-MEDIA ☎️

Real-time call transcription platform for data activation, providing brands a unique decisional tool for marketing, trades and client relationship.

❤️C41-003 // ANDYAMO

Andyamo helps cities become smart & inclusive destinations with travel itineraries designed for people with reduced mobility (disabled people, parents with children in strollers, elderly people).

J09-039 // ANOZRWAY

Manage your risks linked to your digital footprint. By piecing open web data together, our solution monitors your digital print, predicts its vulnerabilities against your company and people, and assess the risks. Let our AI manage your digital footprint !

J48-036 // ACTIVEVIAM 📊

ActiveViam offers a Business Intelligence library to data scientists that need to visualise and test scenarios inside their Python notebook. Unlike traditional dataviz those analytics can be delivered seamlessly to the business using AWS Cloud.

D17-025 // ADVOCOR 👨🏻‍⚕️

AdvoCor's Augmented Intelligence (AI) toolset takes all available data to predict patient needs, identify patients most likely to report a negative experience, and prescribe solutions to drive operational success in real-time.

D17-035 // AGORA OPINION 🛠

At Agora Opinion, we manufacture simple and pragmatic IoT solutions dedicated to optimizing Facility Management interventions within your buildings, while improving your customers' well-being and your employees' productivity.

J09-023 // APPETEE 🍽

Appetee, the mobile app that proposes simple meals, adapted to your preferences and your tastes, whether for you or for your group so that you leave nothing on your plate. Bon appetee!


Aryballe takes odor data and turns it into actionable information by a combination of biochemistry, advanced optics and machine learning.

❤️ B23-019 // ASKR.AI - Chat with your data! 💬

askR.ai is the first data assistant empowered by AI that allows you to query your business data in natural language, either orally or in writing. ( K40-017 on Saturday)

L30-005 // BIRDZ 💧🏢

A pioneer in remote water consumption metering, BIRDZ uses its unique expertise to help support Smart Cities. We are leaders in the field of digital management of water networks; our expertise also extends to electricity, fuel, waste, noise pollution…

J09-093 // Beeinventor Limited

The New Generation of IoT for Construction,with the World's First Smart Helmet Platform

J09-027 // Biggerpan

Biggerpan's mobile AI predicts your needs based on the intent detected in your text conversations. It removes UX frictions while increasing mobile ecommerce and monetization through revenue sharing.

J16-014 // CARFIT 🚙

Vibration data science combined with Artificial Intelligence for predictive maintenance

C09-016 // COOFFA

Our job is to collect data from the unstructured African retail network by giving them access to credit loans,This data will allow FMCGs to optimize their supply chain, this is how we created the COOFFAbox, user friendly & totally free for the shop owner!

D31-020 // Citadel Team 🏰

Citadel Team is a secure professional chat & call app that allows people to exchange messages and files within their professionals communities, either inside or outside their organization. Every information shared is encrypted

D09-035 // Clevy 💬

Clevy, Enterprise-grade Conversational Technologies. Clevy is a company specialized in the creation of technological solutions, allowing the automation of business tasks in natural language.

H46-022 //Curiosity 📊

Curiosity helps companies build enterprise-grade AI software for unstructured data

Hall 1 - K09-003 //DPO Consulting 🔐

DPO Consulting is a Paris based, fast growing company, specialized in privacy protection and compliance at an international level. The company is composed of recognized and experienced legal and security experts.

B23-001 // Daily d'initiés 📺

To help TV networks monitor and analyze their ratings, we design easy-to-use responsive Web applications which combine various data sources and adapt to the users business needs and knowledge of the data.

J41-008 // DataValoris 📊

DataValoris supports companies in their transition to AI with two exclusive SAAS tools : DataVision, processing your unstructured data and NNTO, optimization of your neural networks - none of your data is needed.

J48-005 // Dataiku 📊

Dataiku's mission is to provide organizations with the technological environment that enables all people throughout an enterprise to use data by removing friction from data access to deployment.

❤️K40-022 // Dataswati 🚜🏭🤖

PowerOP®, our AI as a service for the process industries, aims to improve your industrial efficiency (productivity, quality, energy consumption) by delivering forecasts on the quality of your product or by detecting anomalies in your process.

K58-011 // Datavora

We are a market data platform for e-commerce that gathers product information like assortment, prices, and specifications on thousands of websites globally to provide benchmarks and competitive data for e-commerce retailers and brands.

D31-005 // Dathena 🔐

Dathena is the universal layer of data and privacy protection enabling end-to-end information security based on our patented Artificial Intelligence technology.

D09-008 // Deepki

Deepki unlocks the power of your data to optimise your assets management and boost your energy efficiency


Cognitive intelligence for accurate, automatic and immediate understanding of text. Expert System develops cognitive computing and text analytics software based on AI algorithms to accelerate business processes and improve information management.

J22-012 // Eelway

EELWAY helps hotels to fidelize and acquire new customers by offering services around frequent and stressfull problematics such as luggage or lost&founds objects.

Eiffo Analytics 📊

Our new SaaS tool, to implement AI in businesses, is an enterprise automated machine learning platform accessible for everyone to provide end-to-end & ready-to-production predictive analytics solutions. Make your company AI driven

B44-021 // Elter

Elter is an IT services company expert in Artificial Intelligence. We experiment and develop innovative and efficient solutions to answer the real and specific need of your organisation.

❤️ J30-008 // Euveka

Euveka's solution has been designed to enhance performance and mass-customisation in the textile industries. Combining the first anthropometric robot of a woman's torso and design software, this solution leverages data to reproduce shapes and sizes.

E49-001 // EzyGain

Connected treadmill for walking rehabilitation, using video games and gait analysis technologies.

K58-013 // Fabskill 💬

FabSkill is an AI-powered recruiting platform, it provides: - Use of natural language processing and machine learning to automate and self-optimize the end-to-end recruiting workflow - Video based candidates screening (live and pre recorded)

B17-001 // FarmViz

FarmViz is a startup in the field of environmental monitoring, with expertise in acquisition, processing and valorization of data. Our goal is to improve the precision farming management and risk prediction using data sciences.

J09-071 // Feeleat 🍽

feeleat provides innovation based on data analytics to better cure eating disorders. Our tools include an app, directly connected to a medical team, in which users can register their day-to-day meal, their mood, and their body reactions.

D39-007 // GEO4I

Founded in 2014, Geo4i is a French private company specialized in the processing and operating of geospatial information in the fields of Defense, Security and Safety. Geo4I delivers a geospatial platform GEOSPACE to ensure IMINT & GEOINT production.

B17-024 // GuestViews

Get to know your clients and boost their loyalty by giving them a voice. GuestViews is a smart software that collects, analyses and gives value to your customer data, on the spot and in real time.

J09-013 // Heptasense 📹

Heptasense is a video analysis software for surveillance cameras that recognizes and predicts behaviors to improve security and management of facilities, without jeopardizing people's privacy.

C41-016 // Hiboo 👷‍♂️

Hiboo is a web application that helps the construction industry to reinvent the way field's operations are managed. We capture and aggregate data from multiple sources providing strategic insights to optimize your processes and unlock new business models.

Hall 1 - C23-001 // IPaidThat

IPaidThat is a software using artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect all invoices automatically from the mail boxes and providers websites. All invoice are match to their own bank operations , finish all missing invoice.

Ideta 💬

Ideta is a platform dedicated for all companies, whatever their expertise, industry or size, that want to create their own chatbot/voicebot by using all communication channels and NLP technology.

J30-011 // Inline Digital, Inc.

Inline is redefining the antiquated wholesale processes in durable goods by automating previously manual and error prone tasks, digitizing product offerings, and creating an all-inclusive product suite to manage wholesale operations in real-time.

J31-035 // JENJI

Jenji is the first realtime, AI-powered expense management platform. Using Deep Learning, our solution enables employees worldwide to snap a receipt and automatically fill their expense in 4 seconds; and corporates optimize their VAT handling.

B17-018 // Janasense 🤲

Janasense is a remote monitoring and diagnostic aid platform for the prevention of frailty. It helps professional carers provide a personalized and adaptive care to vulnerable people at home, thanks to an AI-powered analysis of the change in their habits.

J16-001 // Keyclic

Keyclic improves living confort and optimise the maintenance management of a building. Every stakeholder can report a dysfunction and request an intervention. The app centralises all the requests, eases communication and allows real-time monitoring.

B17-006 // LES GEORGES 📊🍹

We provide Corporates & Events Planners with the first Event & Networking Application using smart badges to enhance people networking and interactions while offering to organizers deep and real time data analytics.

LLC One 💬

The best IA shopping and personal assistants, able to converse with users, and help them find, configure (cars, meals), listen (music), see (video) and buy what they are keen of liking. Our assistants learn from the community for a great user eXperience.

Hall 1 - K07-001// LTU

LTU is the most robust and scalable visual search technology using image recognition. Combined with artificial intelligence, LTU creates bespoke artificial vision tools to ease image database management for DAM, brand protection and customer experiences

B23-010 // Labsense

Empowering Media content with AI. Discover our multilingual solutions: text mining, tagging and classification, automated content generation and summarization/rewriting. Already 100 millions of texts produced, in 7 languages, optimized for SEO & vocal.

H51-005 // Le Grand Dressing 🕺

Clothing Rental & Personalized Fashion Subscription for men. We’re here to help keep your clothing inspired and your closet refreshed ! Receive at home a new look selected by a stylist only for you and change every month !

L19-005 // Liberty Rider 🚲

Liberty Rider provides a crash detection mobile app, that saves lives, using our IA algorithm to detect users crashes and sending the emergency services automatically to their gps location.

J30-012 // Lululab💄

lululab is a spin-off company of Samsung Electronics. We developed AI Skincare Assistant LUMINI, the world's first portable device that analyzes a whole facial skin in a snap and recommends the products using AI technology.


Mobile Locker is an innovation company. We create Smart locker solutions for smart cities. Our Smart Urban Kiosk shares goods, connect services and information. Smart infrastructure to monitor and improve the city. An interactive bridge in a smart zone.

❤️C17-020 // MODUL'DATA CENTER 🌱

Modul'Data Center is specialized in scalable, next-generation Micro-Data Centers that consume 2 to 10 times less than the European average and in innovative solutions associated with Data Centers with a range of associated services.

Hall 1 - K15-007 // MYRIAD DATA

HR: Boost your performance in talents detection by using SKILLMINER. BtoB: Use algorithms to read, structure & valid any documents to automatized your business processes Smart Cities : Succed in Predictive maintenance thanks to BIM data

G58-014 // Meersens, the guardian of your health! 👨🏻‍⚕️

With Meersens, monitor your environment, thanks to AI, cutting-edge biosensors and machine learning, and avoid all the risks in your immediate environment that may impact your health: air, water, UV, waves, pesticides, allergens…

J41-005 // Mentalab 👨🏻‍⚕️

We build clinical-grade wearable biosensors to diagnose & monitor heart & respiratory conditions at patients' homes. Data is recorded continuously and synced seamlessly to our platform to be analysed and interpreted in near real-time.

C17-030 // Mini Green Power 🌱

MGP designs & assembles energy plants (from 500kWth to 5MWth) that turn biomass waste into clean, local and affordable energy. Our technology offers a wide range of applications for industries & local authorities: heat or cold generation and electricity.

Mobeelity 🚎🌱

Mobeelity is a mobile app that gather all the transport means in one single app, and reward the most eco-responsible behaviours thanks to a virtual money

Hall 1 - K07-008 // Moskitos

Crosscut® iPaaS is the next generation Data & API integration Platform. With Crosscut® iPaaS, make data flow inside and outside your organization and reduce by 3-4x the time-to-market of integration projects.

J48-017 // MyDataModels 📊

MyDataModels develops and markets an Automated Machine Learning software that builds and runs predictive models. Easy to use, TADA does not require coding nor machine learning skills.

❤️J23-012 // MyTraffic

Leveraging massive data, MyTraffic offers SaaS solutions to boost understanding of physical retail dynamics. With BNP Paribas, MyTraffic has developed MonLocalCommercial.fr to ease shopkeepers' search for retail locations

C49-010 // Myrissi 👃

MYRISSI created a Smart Sensory Translator for scented products development. Designed for professionals, this Artificial Intelligence also finds applications for consumers via a tool for product recommendations based on consumer's personality.

H46-017 // NautilusLog 🚢

The digital logbook for shipping. NautilusLog controls and automates relevant procedures, processes and required documentation. It connects ship & shore for joint activities, enables numerous applications and new business models for the maritime industry.

B17-009 // Nextérité 🚒

Nextérité provides real time mobility information services thanks to its proprietary semantics and AI algorithms. Its solutions NextAlert, ViaFacil and ViaPro help operators and collectivities better inform their customers, citizens and managers.

J16-022 // OpenAirlines 🌱✈️

OpenAirlines is an international software company. Leveraging a team of airline specialists and data scientists, OpenAirlines has developed SkyBreathe®, an innovative eco-flying solution to save fuel and reduce airlines carbon footprint.

J06-005 // POP'N LINK 🍽

Give your customers the opportunity to simply and rapidly order at table with their smartphone. Informations, payment at table, CRM module, all kinds of services to provide the best digital experience for your customers.

J09-137 // PREMEDIT (Running Care) 🏃‍♀️

Crossing medical and data sciences, PREMEDIT develops digital health solutions for sports. Our first product, Running Care, is the first E-heath app helping runners to run injury free with specific injury prevention and self-rehabilitation programs.

❤️H44-007 // PacketAI

We leverage the power of deep learning to automate your IT operations. Our solution allows companies to predict incidents before they impact customers and resolve them in a fraction of a time thus saving companies millions of dollars

K16-007 // Parkofon 🚙

Parkofon is an IoT and analytics based platform that automates parking, tolling, and other MaaS apps. As a high-accuracy telematics device, it can be used in connected and self-driving vehicles alike.

B17-013 // Patrivia 🕍

Founded in 2016 by two heritage lovers, www.Patrivia.net is the essential platform to discover, plan and book all your cultural visits throughout France and Belgium. Our goal is to democratise culture for most of the people!

H08-006 // PlayerData 👟

Wearable sports technology that captures real-time movement data, allowing everyone to train like a pro.

F30-004 // PowerUp ⚡️

Based on CEA-Liten's research, PowerUp technology measures the actual state-of-health of each battery and doubles its lifetime. With our diagnostic, supervision and predictive maintenance solutions, discover the new smart way to manage your fleet!

C41-029 // Predisurge 👨🏻‍⚕️

Decision support solutions for cardiovascular interventions

D09-025 // Prevision.io 📊

Prevision.io is a collaborative automated machine learning platform that powers data processing, strong predictive models, self-service analytics and deployment of packaged AI applications in a unique monitored store where customers can easily use them

J41-001 // Proxem 💬

Founded in 2007, Proxem is the French pioneer in NLP and Machine Learning. After years of R&D in AI applied to semantics, we developed Proxem Studio, a multi-language and multi-source SaaS, to collect, analyse and visualize large volumes of textual data

D31-015 // Quarkslab 🛡

Quarkslab is a French computer security company providing high-end services, products and trainings. The company spirit is strongly rooted in research and innovation and the whole organization favors strong internal R&D projects.

C31-033 // Rex Ag Labs

Rex brings together clinical, health, performance, and genetic data to help livestock producers and farmers optimize yield and manage disease for a more sustainable protein supply.

K16-006 // Ridecell 🚙

Ridecell empowers new mobility operators, including OEMs, and private fleets to launch, expand, and maximize the utilization of their own ridesharing, carsharing and autonomous fleet services.

J09-141 // SISCALE 📊

We help you incrementally deploy AIOps across the four phases of IT operations-oriented machine learning: visualization and statistical analysis, automated pattern discovery, pattern based prediction, and root cause analysis.


We deliver a framework for model driven Artificial Intelligence that delivers Whitebox results in simple to understand business rules. it outperforms any Machine Learning or Deep Learning algorithm, yet explains what it is doing.

K40-023 // SenX

Software publisher of Warp 10, the most advanced solution to manage and analyze data from Sensors / IoT / Machine

B23-005 // Sently

Sently is an easy-to-use SAAS platform, designed to help companies to sell products & services, broadcast content / newsletters and automate customer support through conversational channels like Messenger, WhatsApp, Vocal Assistant with high-performance.

J16-030 // Shepper

Like a real-life Google search, Shepper allows businesses to send people to locations all over the globe to collect data & insights. From checking the condition of a property to inspecting products in retail stores, we provide handy reports quickly

K16-008 // Smap 🚙

Long-term rental of vehicles for 2 years with all included monthly bill (insurance, assistance, maintenance, fuel). When the person does not use the Smap car he sublets it via the app to absorb his bill.

D09-027 // SnapCall ☎️

SnapCall is a smart voice technology that replaces phone numbers on websites & mobile applications. It helps companies to focus on high value calls and to reduce up to 80% their phone support requests.

❤️C09-026 // Susu

Susu is a digitally-enhanced full-service healthcare solution for African diaspora looking to offer the best quality of care to their families back home.

J50-005 // Synapse Développement 💬

Synapse Développement combines linguistic expertise and Artificial Intelligence to create innovative NLP solutions. Synapse is the designer of the first chatbot built without any manual input. This chatbot has won 5 innovation awards between 2018 & 2019.

J22-013 // TIPSmeee 💰

TIPSmeee provides payment service to collect tips with credit card and smartphone. Tips are credited directly on the beneficiary's bank account. Our solution is a motivation tool for all kinds of staff, such as waiters, housekeepers, etc.

D09-039 // TOUCAN TOCO 📊

Toucan Toco produces data visualisation apps for decision makers. We turn data into stories to allow your entire company to exploite, communicate and take decisions on data in few seconds on any devices.

C17-024 // Telaqua 💧

Smart solution for water pipes. Water consumption optimization and costs reduction with automatic programming and predictive maintenance. Our solution uses IoT and AI

❤️B17-003 // The Bar Corner 🍻

The Bar Corner is a mobile application allowing you to find a bar based on your profile and your mood. We also provide brands with digital tools to retain and know their customers into the away-from-home market. Named into TOP 5 French start-up in 2018.

B44-019 // Thegreendata 📊

Thegreendata puts data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies at the service of the agri-agro sector by building decision-making support tools that help them anticipate and adapt to the hazards of an ever changing context.

J09-021 // TravelBudds 💬

TravelBudds ambitions to become the first AI-based personalized travel assistant matching any traveler with his perfect vacation based on his personality including places to stay, eat and activities.

K16-014 // UVeye 🚙

UVeye is changing vehicle inspection for the automotive industry by providing automatic inspection systems throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle.

B44-019 // Voxpass

Voxpass provides Productivity solutions, turning vocal information into actionable data

B44-022 // WISEBIM 🏢

WiseBIM, Artificial Intelligence for BIM (Building Information Model) : The automatic way to digitalize existing buildings into BIM

J41-004 // YUNI 📊

YUNI creates tools to consolidate, interpret and visualize health data to help industry stakeholders to offer increasingly personalized treatments and solutions. YUNI uses the power of data to ensure a universal access to innovation.

Yseop 💬

Yseop is an international AI software company and one of the early pioneers of natural language generation (NLG) technology powering enterprise-level reporting, sales and customer support applications.

J09-062 // ZOTDATA 👷‍♂️

ZOTDATA, an innovative collaborative solution to connect all the actors of a building site in real time. It meets the operational requirements of construction by enabling effective planning, management and monitoring of its execution.

H46-027 // conductiv.ai 🏭

AI-powered process control platform for semiconductor manufacturing. We enable factories to achieve maximal yield without having to perform extensive trial-and-error.

Hall 1 - D23-001 // datakili

datakili® is a hosted software suite that interrogates customer behaviour in order to visualise, analyse and monitor omni-channel customer journeys, for an activation at the best moment.

J17-012 // jobpal 💬

We build conversational intelligence that enables companies to be where their candidates really are and automate tedious tasks for recruiters. Chatbots answer questions, engage candidates, schedule interviews and way more.

J41-003 // Kairntech💬

Enabling text datasets creation & AI services deployment with State of the Art Machine Learning approaches applied to Natural Langage Processing to make entreprise more efficient.

H44-011 // luminovo.ai

Luminovo builds tailored AI solutions and software to augment human intelligence. Luminovo's hybrid learning platform helps to automate repetitive workflows based on images and text as content screening and document mining.

H46-024 // scoutbee

scoutbee's AI-powered supplier discovery suite helps procurement leaders see deep supplier insights to make more confident buying decisions.

K16-016 // xMotion 🛠🚙

We optimize vehicle maintenance management through a unique condition-based prognostics technology

F30-010 // xRapid 👨🏻‍⚕️

xRapid specialises in Automated diagnosis (from asbestos to blood) using state of the art Artificial Intelligence. Created in 2015, the mission at xRapid is to improve people's lives by applying AI to areas of microscopy that have yet to be realized.